Friday, 19 August 2011

Blog Sale - French Connection, Office and Tommy Hilfiger!!

Ok peeps, I decided to have a little blog sale, these are things I love looking at but NEVER wear! They are all good as new and would love a new home with someone who would love them and wear them!!

This is my first attempt at something like this so bear with me :)

I will accept payment through paypal - however until I fully work out how to use it, send me an email with your paypal details and I will get the invoice sent out asap! For the moment I will only ship to Ireland and the UK - Sorry folks!

Any questions just email me :) at


French Connection, size 14, dress.
This is a lovely dress on, it is sinched in on the waist so gives a lovely figure, there is also a nice shaped neck on it. Only worn twice so its perfect.  
€20 plus €7 P&P

Office Shoes, Black Leather, Size 40 (Im a wide 7 and they fit me fine)
Still in box, worn for about 4 hours!! They were bought in a panic as I needed a black strappy - lovely and comfy!
€25 plus €10 P&P

Gold Oasis Bracelet.
€10 inc P&P

French Connection Shoes, still in box, size 41.
Colour - Gunmeatal Leather/Patent.
These were £110 when I got them, never wore them as they are quite high and im not used to that!
€30 plus €10 P&P

Office Gold Shoes, Gold Leather size 41.
These are fab shoes, so dressy, worn about 4 times!
€25 plus €10 P&P

Tommy Hilfiger Wedge Shoes - size 40.
Never worn.
€25 plus €10 P&P

Lastly French Connection dress, size 14
Lovely dress, very comfy and dressy!
€20 plus &€7 P&P
 If you wanna buy more than one, Ill check out the shipping, it should be cheaper! :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

To be continued..............

Hi everyone,

As you will have noticed I havent been blogging in ages.....I just lost my blogging mojo and got a little bored of my own blog. Im still reading everyone elses blogs and love that.  I checked my stats today for the first time in ages and I see that alot of people are still checking in on me....thank you for that!

I will be back, maybe I will just have to change my content to something I really wanna write about...not sure what yet thou.......