Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Belfast shopping list........Part 1

Thanks to cornflakegirl for reccomending that I try out Sleek make up products, I had heard of them but somehow forgot all about them...........I have since been stalking their website and I have spotted a few things (all pics are from their website) I like - have any of you tried them??

This contouring product looks lovely....

 I dont think this RED blush is for me - Isnt it a mad colour thou!!!?

 Storm i-Divine Palette
Storm i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes - This looks lovely and is only €8.50.

Another company I thought of was Prestige Cosmetics I know I read about these somewhere before - I particularly like the look of these baked bronzers

The list has begun.......... :)

Shopping suggestions.....

My sister is heading to Belfast in a few weeks time and I am going to get her to bring my back something nice, something that we can't get down south....or something more reasonably priced than it is down south...any suggestions ladies??
I have been researching the web but everything I see I think, do I really really need it and usually its a no.  There was a time when I would never think "do I really need it" but I suppose when your trying to use up products you become more aware of buying things you dont need!
I love this bag from River Island .... its such a great size bag.....brilliant for everyday use! This might go on my Belfast list :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

My absolute essentials......last ones standing.

As you know I have been busy moving the last while and I am now left with the bare minimum here...so I thought I would show you what I couldn't live without in my final few nights!!

I couldn't live a night without my Coconut Oil which I blogged about on my second ever post.....HERE.

Then my Revlon Equave Two Phase Spray Conditioner....Love this, its great for my blonde hair!

A back up hand cream, I usually have Clarins in my bag but its handy to have a back up...just in case, I love the Neutrogena Hand cream for this.

Next is my trusty...Batiste Dry Shampoo  - couldn't be caught short without this!

Then you will see a little tub of vaseline and a tub of cotton buds, I love cleaning my ears after a shower! Don't ask me why!

An last but not least my famous La Roche Posay Moisturisers!

Make-up is gone as I brought all that home the other day.....I was so afraid I would damage my lovely make up storage in the move but I didn't - it survived!! TG.

I forgot to take a  pic of my shampoo, conditioner and shower gel......but they aren't overly exciting!!

Moving is hard work!

Im moving house and boy is it hard work.....Have moved sooo many loads of stuff (where did I get so much stuff) and my poor little car probably feels like the one in the pic above at this stage. 

However one good thing is that it is a great opportunity to get rid of things Im not using...some for the car boot sale, some for the bin and some for just giving to an aunt of mine who loves all my leftovers...handbags etc!! I really have to stop buying until I use what I have!! 

I have been very good since Christmas...when I made it my business to start using up all of my products, shower gels, shampoos etc.........So I didnt have too much of that stuff to bring home!!

Cant wait to get it all organised into its new home!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

What a workout....raking grass!!

Hey Everyone, I just spent the last 1.5 hours raking grass! Its alot harder then it looks......my stomach hurts and my hands are so chapped!! But I did a great job! I'm delighted with myself.

Apologies to anyone who left comments in the last few days, I have read them and tried to reply, but something seems to be wrong with the blogger so I'm sorry if you thought I didn't reply! :)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Life..........and things I like

I thought I would do a little blog more about life and things I like rather than beauty.....so here it goes!

Lately I have spend ALOT of time researching interior design as we are renovating our future home at the moment!  I thought I would show you a few pictures of things I like so far...... 

I love this picture....I love the white cleanness of this room....although it might not be very practical...but there are elements of it that are perfect, I could imagine myself curled up on this chair in front of the fire and blogging away till my hearts content!! 
I also love this pic, I love the mix of fabrics as I don't like interiors to be too matchy matchy!   I love loads of mismatched cushions...I think it adds character! 

Love all the above - however looking back I think there is a theme!!!!  I just wonder how practical all the light colours would be....with my farmer boyfriend :)

Todays make-up

Hey Everyone, I'm back, I have been very busy for the last week, getting ready to move house, so the blog had taken a back seat  for a while!  Just thought that I would show you some of the make up I use for a quick fix..I'm not a morning person so spending alot of time doing my face after rolling out of bed doesn't suit me! These are actually some of my favourite products!
This is the Bourjois Smokey Eyes kit, the colours go really really well together and they last forever.  I really like them.
This is DiorSkin Mineral Powder, I love it.....Sometimes I wear it on its own and other times I just put it on over my foundation.  It gives a lovely fresh glow!  I also bought it on sale (the shop was closing down) so it was half price! Bargain!!

Monday, 23 May 2011


 Hello hello ladies......just a quick peek at my NOTD!!  This is Bourjois - So Laque, I don't remember the actual name of this colour....but its a blue/black or a dark navy in the bottle, on the nails however I would say its more of a black!  This colour however has a lovely lovely shine to it!  I did find that the tips of my nails wore off....even thou I wasn't doing any hard work!

I don't think that any nail varnish would compare to my lovely CATRICE!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Benefit - her name was GLOWLA!

I just thought that I would give you a sneak peek of something that I bought last year when I was in NYC!  It is a beautiful Benefit kit named "Her name was GLOWLA".  It all comes in a lovely little box (which I love)

 In the kit I got, a coralista blusher with a crappy brush, 5 beautiful eye shadows with a little brush - brownish hues which you can see here, a lip gloss and a bad gal mascara with a mini highbeam and moon beam.  I don't remember how much the kit cost but its sooo cute. 
What I also like is the fold out instructions.....which give a step by step guide to using the kit! It makes for interesting reading!

Here's a little swatch of the highbeam and moon beam, its hard to see them in this picture but they are lovely and give a lovely glow!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

NOTD (and a little shopping) :)

Back to my good aul favourite CATRICE!  This is one of my plain, fairly everyday nail varnishes.  Its a french manicure one, I don't know what colour this is as I seems to have ripped off the label at the back but it since an subtle even when it on the nail,and its nice and shiny!  Its also only about €2.50 so its a bargain.
As you know I did a little shopping last week, I didn't have time to post everything I got but here is a little sneak peek - This is a beautiful plate which I bought a few of, they are similar to what is in Dunnes at the moment but this colour is completely different.  They were in a lovely little shop which had a sale on, so I got a bargain.
And in the same shop I got these beautiful coasters, they were also on sale, 6 for ,€2.49 which was a bargain.  You can never have a enough coasters:)

Monday, 16 May 2011

Wella SP Shampoo

A new years resolution that actually lasted (and I have only realised this today).  I decided that I would try and use up all the half open products I had.....what used to happen was that I would be using a shampoo or shower gel and then I would buy a new one, get all excited about it and use it straight away without using up the first one.......a lifetime of this has left me with many many half bottles of stuff!!  Now I must admit that I am excellent at throwing out products that are open beyond their shelf life.......but the half bottles seem to last forever!
At the weekend I was delighted that I had used up all my half bottles of shampoo.....so I could use a brand new one!! Woohoo.  This brought me to the Wella SP Repair Shampoo.....I actually won this earlier in the year and I think it actually retails at about €17. 

It is a brilliant shampoo,  it smells so clean and fresh.  As I have said before I use coconut oil in my hair, this can be hard to wash out sometimes however this shampoo washes it out first time.

I would highly recommend it.....The only off putting thing for me is the price!!  Maybe it can be bought cheaper? Does anyone know??

Monday blues!!!!

Just a quick post, will post properly later -

Today I have a coldsore....and its sore :(  If anyone knows any magic cures please send them this way.......!!!

However I was delighted this morning to see I have 21 followers ..... when I hit 25 I will have a little GIVEAWAY!!  Don't know what yet, but I'm sure I can rustle up a few things!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catrice Blusher - A firm make up staple

A product I use nearly every day is this Catrice Mineral Blush, I love it, its easy to apply and its easy to build up colour without it being streaky!!  Its called "Wild Rose" and I find it very natural looking on my typically pale Irish skin. It is also a bargain at only €4.49 :)   I have it ages and I have loads left!!!

I know that Catrice have brought out a new range of products so they may have repackaged this.....oh oh! I hope I can get a replacement when this runs out. 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shopping Haul ... Mini :)

I did a little shopping yesterday - Got a few bits, thought I had more as it was heavy on my poor little arms....but anyway here's a sneak peek of what I got.........

YourBeauty look away now............haha! Got two lovely little notebooks in H&M, only €1.50 each, they are probably too pretty to use but...they look good :) 

Then in Penneys I got this laptop bag for only €4, and I love it!! Its so cute and fits my laptop and accessories perfectly!

 I also got a beautiful paid of sunglasses in Dunnes for only €3 , they are so cute and are actually really good at keeping the sun of my eyes :)


 And finally, also in Dunnes I also got some Gillette Satin Care Shaving Cream, for only €1.50 each, very reasonable. 
I got a few more bits, including a bargain in Warehouse but I didn't get time to take all the pictures so there is more to come...

Batiste............my morning saviour!!! Number two...

As you all know - I love Batiste Dry Shampoo and I have already admitted my love here but recently I came across the Tropical version and it smells of Coconut....every time you move your head you will smell coconut!!

Love it!!

Friday, 13 May 2011


My sister called to visit last night...she came bearing one of my favourite gifts - Yankee Candles.  It was "fluffy towels" and I had never smelt it before.  It was beautiful, I can even smell it now and it is not lit!!
Love it! Thanks :)
While watching Jedward (who were brill) I painted her nails....very pampering and of course I took a pic for the blog ....it was Catrice number 540 Am I Blue or Green!  I have to say I found the texture of this bottle quite thick, I think that its just the colour though as I always use Catrice and find the texture perfect! 
I am not used to doing someone elses nails so it was a little messier than I would do my own...but its not a bad job :)

Technical Difficulties??

Sorry everyone!
Somethings wrong with my blog - posts and comments from the last day or two have just vanished, as have comments I left on other blogs - Is anyone else having problems?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub.....

I had a lovely NOTD post done and pictures taken etc .... then I realised .... I did it last week (I love this shade)....anyway here I am with my lovely nails....ill post about something else!!!

A lovely facial exfoliant - Dermalogica's Skin Prep Scrub, I only use this weekly or twice weekly so it has lasted ages.  I even cut the tube in half and I still have about one months product left.

I love this because it is grainy and really does exfoliate without drying!  My skin always feels lovely and smooth after using it!

Do any of you use this???

I like - I WANT!!!

I heading to the shops tomorrow and its been ages since I was shopping so I'm surfing the next this morning to see whats out there and what I have my eye on!!

In case you haven't noticed I love handbags - I love looking at them and buying them!!!

 I would love a new handbag - this one is from River Island and I like the look of it - Wonder what it feels like thou??! Will see tomorrow!

Floral print with Crochet Collar
This tunic is so cute, its also from AWEAR and is only €30.

Cant wait to hit the shops!!

Pleat Detail Clutch

This AWEAR clutch is also lovely, although I have nothing coming up that I need it for :(  Its only €25 so to me its a bargain!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Glamour Magazine - Freebies :)

I bought this months issue of Glamour today, and I was delighted when I flicked to the back pages and saw what is going to be given free with June's issue - Benefit's High Beam, BeneTint and PosieTint and I cannot wait!

 Don't worry Ill be reminding all of you to buy the magazine when it comes out!

There were two little samples in my magazine - A Veet Minimising Body Moisturiser and a Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser!  I used to use Cliniques moisuresurge as my everyday moisturiser so I am looking forward to testing this out.
Ill be posting when I trial them - to let you know what I think! :)