Friday, 10 June 2011

Beauty - Mini Haul.....

Yesterday I was away and had 1 hour to spare and flew around the shops....but it was too rushed and all I got was the above! I got Johnson's Baby Oil on sale for only €1.12, half price bargain.

I also got an NYC blush, which I am looking forward to was also a bargain (about €3 i think) and I also got an NYC colour wheel....I haven't tried it yet but I have swatched it and it looks fab, love the mix of colour and for the price - about €3 you cant go wrong!

The assistant also gave me a sample of Lancome's Primer Gel, and its lovely, it feels like silk on my skin, looking forward to trying that out!!!


  1. I bought one of the NYC blushs a couple of weeks ago and I'm really impressed with it. Gotta love NYC right now for the aul bargains.

  2. Yes Im very impressed I must say....!
    Deffo worth it.