Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life - Skin Tags (read at your own risk)

This post comes with a WARNING!!

If you have skin tags you will know what they are and you will be delighted to hear I found a solution.....If you don't - this post may put you off your food!!  I was trying to decide whether or not to post about this as I don't want to gross people out...but I spent a lot of time researching this topic when I needed relief so I decided that it would only be fair...!!

Firstly if you would like to see a picture of skin tags you can click HERE.  A skin tag is basically a little additional bit of looks similar to a rice krispie and usually never causes anyone any bother.  For as long as I can remember I had a few skin tags on my inner thighs, they were always there and never gave me too much trouble, that is until recent years.  I think what changed was that my fashion changed and I wore a lot of tights and leggings and the problem was that the tights and legging were rubbing against the skin tags and really aggravated them and sometimes caused them to bleed!

So this brought me on many trips to my local GP where I was placed on a waiting list for removal in my local HSE hospital.....(I'm still waiting!!).  Eventually a friend recommended a different GP in my locality with an interest in I made an appointment with him to see what he could do!

On meeting him, he told me that he would sort them out there and then! He got a solution (Liquid Nitrogen I think) and applied it with a cotton bud to the skin tags...I felt a slight tingle and heard a little "sizzle" and that was it....€40 later I left in the confidence that they would drop off a week or two later...which they did!

This was over one year ago and I am so happy with the results....I need not have suffered so long.

Do any of you suffer from these?....
What did you find worked for you??...


  1. oh my boyfreind has one on his back and wants to get rid of it, where was this doc you went to


  2. Deefu...Im based in the west , where are you based?

    Mail me on for all the details!

  3. I have one under my arm but I am so afraid of the burning it off thing. Did it really not hurt at all?

  4. Aphrosie-I got one removed from there and it was the least painful, honestly, go for it!

  5. Really? I will definitly think about it more seriously now. cheers honey.

  6. Yes really - Honest, like as far as I know they are "dead" bits of skin so there wont be any nerves in it. All I can say is if I had to get it done again I would no bother!

  7. Well then next time I am at my docs I will say it to him. cheers. :)

  8. My family suffers with skin tags, some of them really badly. I've had a few around my neck where my shoulder bag rubs against it so now I make sure it doesn't.

    I've actually removed them myself with nail clippers, sounds ghastly but it works!

  9. ohhh Skin Scrubs - that sounds pinful!!!
    Are they hereditary then - i didnt think they were?

  10. ahhh i had a skin tag on my neck and under my arm, sometimes skin gets grabbed by clothes especially bras and the like, i did the old diy version where you tie a piece of thread around the base of the tag and its cuts off blood supply and it basically falls off.. the one on my neck was gross and dark and now its gone... delighted

  11. Oh Actionmags...i must have a low pain threshold!! Its great to get rid of the things but I dont have the guts to do it that way!!