Sunday, 26 June 2011

Beauty - Vo5 Miracle Concentrate

So many bloggers were raving about this Vo5 Miracle Concentrate that I knew I had to try it, it cost me €6.50, I got my sister to get it for me in Liffey recently, and I was surprised at how small the bottle was, its only 50mls so its small, but a little of this goes a long long way. 

First of all it smells fab, I tried it on dry hair yesterday , just  a few drops in to the ends and it was lovely, it conditioned it straightaway.  So this morning when I washed my hair I was dying to try it on wet hair!  I towel dried my hair and put about 4 drops (using the little dropper that comes with it) through the ends of my hair, as its only here I need the conditioning.  i then dried my hair as normal and I must say it was so so soft and felt lovely! I think this is going to become a firm staple in my kit! Its full of Argan Oil and I noticed today when shopping that ALOT of brands have conditioners with Argan Oil, maybe I never noticed them before or maybe they are new out...........!!
Then I bought this little comb in Boots, they say that its better to "comb" wet hair rather than "brush" it so I thought I would now be good to my hair and comb it anymore :)

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