Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lifes Little Essentials.....

These are products that I use every day but I haven't blogged about them before as they probably aren't the most exciting....but I thought I should write more about the boring every day products. 

First up is Baby Oil - I love this, I usually use it on my skin after a shower, I put it on to wet skin and it really absorbs the moisture and leaves a lovely little shine!! I know lots of people use this as eye make up remover...I don't I think it would be too messy for that! However I wouldn't be using this on my skin in the hot weather (where is it today) as the oil would make it BURN!!

Next up is Mitchum Roll-On ..... I also find this very good, Mitchum is on of the only products I really find works.  I also use the Mitchum Aerosol however my faith in them has been squashed in recent times as when they are half full they would just stop working!!! This happened many times!!

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