Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Batiste............my morning saviour!!!

One of the few products that I buy, use it all, buy it again and use it all again is Batiste Dry Shampoo!  It is an absolute saviour in the mornings.  A little of this sprayed on the roots will give your hair a nice fresh smell and a little extra bounce where you need it!!!!

Its only about €3 and it is well worth it!  There was a time when I used to wash my hair every single morning, I then used to blow dry it and fully straighten it and most of the time simply tie it up afterwards - what a waste.  This went on for years and eventually about 6 GHD years later my hair being to thin out and used to break at the ends and had lost all its vitality - as they say :)

So i decided that I would wash my hair every second day, cut out the straighter and cut down on the blow drying and then I discovered Batiste and it saved the day.  Two years on, I never straighten it and it is straighter than ever.  It has also thicken up so much and is now longer than ever. 

Do you agree?  What are your morning saviours? :)


  1. AGREE stamp!!! I love it too, I always have it!!! xo

  2. definitely mousse