Sunday, 17 April 2011

I love lists

Check out this lovely notebook I got, my new TO DO LIST.  I love notebooks, lists and organising.

I must admit - I like writing this blog but I kinda dont know what to write about now.  I am starting to wonder who will actually read it! I wonder this because I dont actually know anyone who blogs.  I have been reading blogs for a long time.  

So if anyone is reading this! Thank you!

Maybe I need to write a list of things to blog about ...........


  1. Hey there! I didn't know anyone who blogged either, but keep on writing nonetheless, and the readers will follow, slowly but surely! We all started the same way, it's a fun place where you can interract with other people, you'll love it in time, guaranteed! :)xo

  2. Oh i do love a new notebook! Im a compulsory list maker, sometimes i even write things i did just to cross them over :)). Sad but true lol

    You do know people who blog, you know us! You can start making some posts about your skincare/makeup routine...favorite products...wish lists, cooking, travel, life in general etc xxx

  3. ArtDonatella and Your Beauty - thanks for your comments!

    I guess its true , if I keep writing people will read it, over time!

    Your Beauty- I do the very same - I love crossing things off and ticking things as done - my boyfriend says I only write lists to cross them off!!

    Time for a blogging list :)

  4. I just find your blog and love it =)