Thursday, 21 April 2011

A first ..........

I had written a post all about my first ever visit to a Social Welfare Office - how it felt, how I was treated etc but then I decided to delete it for some reason.

I suppose it is safe to say that I found it very difficult and very impersonal.  I wonder do the staff there realise how difficult it is for people to set foot in that building, I wonder do they realise how their attitude affects people - they really are not "people persons" (I am not tarnishing all with this brush but the ones I have met)

 I was glad it was over!!  Hope I dont have to go in again for a long long time!

Similar to most people in the Country we are in a situation not caused by us but caused by the "big guns". 

However one should not dwell on this as it is important to stay positive and look to the future - Onwards and Upwards.

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