Friday, 8 April 2011

Coconut Oil - Cheap,Natural and Effective.

One of my all time favourite products is ....Coconut Oil

I started using it last year, when, after years of using a GHD (on hair that really did not need straightening) my hair was dry, fragile and breaking!  I tried many expensive hair moisturisers and masks and I found that for the price they were not as effective as they should have been.

So after much trial and error I heard about Coconut Oil.  You can buy this in your local chemist for about €4.  At room temperature it is solid - as below

If your hair needs a little(or a lot) of conditioning, spoon a little of this onto your hand, the heat of your hands rubbing together will turn it in to an oily paste and you can then work it in to your scalp and hair. 

I normally put it in to my hair before going to bed (don't use your finest pillowcases however) and wash it out well the next morning, my hair is lovely and soft and conditioned afterwards!

Give it a go! At €4 you can't go wrong


  1. Ooh I'm so getting this, I never knew you could get the little tubs like this in the pharmacy, I thought it would only be in health shops, so thanks for the heads up! Love the blog :)

  2. I love the idea of the coconut oil hair treatment. I am going to keep the auld eyes peeled for this next time I am in the chemist. :)

  3. Karen-Cheers,not alot of content yet, but Im workin on it. Cheers for reading :)

  4. Aphrosie - Do - its the best treatment I have ever got and the cheapest!!