Sunday, 24 April 2011

Make Up Storage

I know I said I wouldn't be back blogging until Tuesday but I had a half hour to spare so here it goes -

Firstly a bit of background - I am a "fan" of the Kardashians and love watching their reality shows on E!  Although I do believe that alot of it is staged now but I still like them!

I recently noticed the clear acrylic boxes that they store their make up in and I just fell in love with them.  After alot of research online I found out that Kris got theirs specially made from this website  They are made to order and cost over $300 -

However if I were to add postage - this would be way out of my league!!!

So the search began for a dupe - a slightly more purse friendly one and I came across a website in Australia that made them too however they would also be too costly by the time I added in postage.
And then .... after I had given up all hope - I came across just what I wanted in Dublin's Fair City :)

Here's a picture of my actual make up storage.  I love it!! It has 7 acrylic drawers that slide out and the top one has a lid that lifts up.  It keeps everything lovely and clean and it makes it so easy to see everything. 

I used to have everything pretty well organised - it was all in separate baskets in a drawer and it worked well - but nothing compares to this :)
It is deffo the best buy of 2010.

How do your store your make up??


  1. $300 for storage drawers?!?! That's absolute madness!! I'm glad you are sensible and didn't break the bank for storage. Nice find Hun!

  2. Its one of the few times that I was sensible!! ha ha. Thank you!

  3. Oh, that's very pretty and organized! :)

  4. its fab where about did u get it ? x

  5. I like your storage =)
    My make up is currently not very organized.
    I'm thinking about to have to fix these days:)

  6. Hiya I,ve been researching these all day and cant find a 7 drawer makeup box thats in stock(lovely one on amazon)...How much is it and where did you get it, You mention you got it in Dublin and have a website underneath...Did you order it from that website, which one is it from that website?..Theres so many to choose from x