Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Image Beauty Awards 2011

I sat down last Saturday night, in my comfy pj's, with a nice cup of tea and my new copy of IMAGE magazine and flicked over to the Beauty Awards 2011.  I had read about them being out on other blogs, I had never bought the magazine before so I thought it was as good a time as any to have a nose at a new mag. 
I really wasn't that impressed with the products in it to be honest, there were only two things that I really liked.  One was the Lancóme Teint Miracle Foundation-I have read all about this before and would love to try it.  Have any of you tried it??
The other product that I really like was the L'Occitane Gel Mask Conditioner - and as I am not into Sun Holidays I only noticed this because I have it and haven't tried it yet! It also won the Prudence Beauty Awards 2010 - so it must be good.
I prefer the Prudence Best Beauty Buy Awards 2010 - I still have my little book and I have bought so many things from it.  I much prefer it to the Image ones.
However I COULD be a little biased as I actually won all these hair care products last year from Prudence :)  It was a nice surprise as I didnt find out until the pruducts arrived by post :)
Must do a post on some of them!

What do you lot think of Beauty Awards? Are they really impartial??

I wonder!


  1. You won the haircare stuff? Great for you! I was actually featured at the end of that best beauty buys brochure, with a review, oh, and Your Beauty is in there too, at the end, the hall of fame! My proudest moment so far :)!

    And I would love to try Lancome Teint Miracle too, it looks very appealing :)!


  2. Yep won it all-however its prob the only thing i ever won, haha!
    I just pulled out my book - I see ya, thats cool, I read it at the time, but I wasnt reading the blogs that much at the time and it never registered with me!! A good few of the blogs I like are in it, thats gas!