Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another notebook

Another lovely notebook to add to the collection ... I just can't resist them.  I love making notes and lists and to do lists, it keeps me very organised and relaxed!!  I remember years ago I used to love "fancies" which were little sheets of coloured, shaped and scented note paper......maybe my love of notebooks stems from that.

Just a shot of a few notebooks from my I have a problem.........No I don't think so! Do you lot like lists and notebooks? 


  1. You certainly don't have a problem. I love notebooks and making lists too. I have a dedicated blog notebook that I carry in my bag in case inspiration hits me while I'm out and about.

  2. Hehe i love notebooks too, had a trip to arnotts recently and bought a couple of them. Think i spent 50 euro on stationery ups! x

  3. @Cornflakegirl - Good idea, I need one of them now!

    @YourBeauty - Im not alone ha ha! I always loved stationary :)