Thursday, 12 May 2011

I like - I WANT!!!

I heading to the shops tomorrow and its been ages since I was shopping so I'm surfing the next this morning to see whats out there and what I have my eye on!!

In case you haven't noticed I love handbags - I love looking at them and buying them!!!
 I would love a new handbag - this one is from River Island and I like the look of it - Wonder what it feels like thou??! Will see tomorrow!

Floral print with Crochet Collar
This tunic is so cute, its also from AWEAR and is only €30.

Cant wait to hit the shops!!

Pleat Detail Clutch

This AWEAR clutch is also lovely, although I have nothing coming up that I need it for :(  Its only €25 so to me its a bargain!


  1. Loving the Awear Tunic! Im on the look-out for a top to go with my new gorgeous light grey skinny jeans form Awear!

  2. Ya its lovely isnt it - Something a bit more rough/biker would be nice with skinny gray jeans?!