Friday, 13 May 2011


My sister called to visit last night...she came bearing one of my favourite gifts - Yankee Candles.  It was "fluffy towels" and I had never smelt it before.  It was beautiful, I can even smell it now and it is not lit!!
Love it! Thanks :)
While watching Jedward (who were brill) I painted her nails....very pampering and of course I took a pic for the blog was Catrice number 540 Am I Blue or Green!  I have to say I found the texture of this bottle quite thick, I think that its just the colour though as I always use Catrice and find the texture perfect! 
I am not used to doing someone elses nails so it was a little messier than I would do my own...but its not a bad job :)


  1. I love that candle and that's a gorgeous nail polish.

  2. Thank you!
    Pity there isnt a "scratch and sniff" gaget so you could smell it, its FAB!!