Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shopping suggestions.....

My sister is heading to Belfast in a few weeks time and I am going to get her to bring my back something nice, something that we can't get down south....or something more reasonably priced than it is down south...any suggestions ladies??
I have been researching the web but everything I see I think, do I really really need it and usually its a no.  There was a time when I would never think "do I really need it" but I suppose when your trying to use up products you become more aware of buying things you dont need!
I love this bag from River Island .... its such a great size bag.....brilliant for everyday use! This might go on my Belfast list :)


  1. Love the bag.

    Have you tried Sleek or Accessorize make up yet? They're on my list of things to check out whenever I actually get to Belfast, especially the Sleek palettes.

  2. Thank you Cornflakegirl....I have heard of Sleek before but I drew a complete blank when I trying to think of companies up north...Im going to research this now, cheers misses

  3. Love that bag - very Jimmy Choo

  4. Welcome SileC - I love it too , doesnt look like riverisland thou!

  5. Love that bag! I live in Belfast & while I'm not sure which products are cheaper up here, if you need any shopping tips or want me to check anything out please feel free to give me a shout on twitter @Strawbry_Blonde or strawberryblondebeauty@gmail.com x

  6. Strawberry blonde, thanks a mil for that, im still working out twitter but Im getting there :)
    Thanks x