Monday, 9 May 2011

Dior - My favourite blusher.....

This is my all time favourite blusher.  It Dior No 553 Peechy Keen.  I bought it in Boots in Liffey Valley last year and I try to keep it as my "good" blusher so even though it was on the expensive side (for my purse) it has lasted and I love it.

I took this pic with the flash on and its a pinker shade now that I look at it here. Its actually more of a peachy shade (hence the name!!).  I did try a few swatches but my camera wasn't the best with the close ups, think I need to play around a little more with it! But trust me...its a lovely shade!

I love blushers and bronzers, for me being so pale (&interesting!!) a little bit of blusher goes a long long way.  I think a little bit of blusher suits everyone no matter what your skin colour! There is a shade to suit everyone!

What Blushers do you use??


  1. Peachy keen is one of my favourites too and is one of the few blushes that I've completely used up! It's a really pretty shade x

  2. Hey Nat,
    It certainly is....I keep mine for really good wear .... im making it last as long as i can!!