Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catrice Blusher - A firm make up staple

A product I use nearly every day is this Catrice Mineral Blush, I love it, its easy to apply and its easy to build up colour without it being streaky!!  Its called "Wild Rose" and I find it very natural looking on my typically pale Irish skin. It is also a bargain at only €4.49 :)   I have it ages and I have loads left!!!

I know that Catrice have brought out a new range of products so they may have repackaged this.....oh oh! I hope I can get a replacement when this runs out. 


  1. It looks gorgeous, I'm really loving Catrice at the moment.

  2. Wish Catrice was available in the UK. Sounds like an amazing brand.x

  3. Its brill Katey, Is it not available over there?? It is normally the other way around!!

    Perhaps I will include some in my be announced when I get 25 followers :)