Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The fight against SPOTS!

I know I have told you before that I was on Roaccutane last year for acne (which was very mild and localised to the chin) which cleared it up perfectly (a post is to come on this) but in the past month or two I have noticed little tiny lumpy bumps under the skin on my forehead, I have no idea what caused them as my skincare has been the same.  They do not develop into spots, they are just sitting under the skin and in certain lights they are very noticeable. 

So off I headed to my local chemist to see if I could get sometime to bring the lumps up to the top of the skin - Of course I wanted La Roche Posay as I grew to love their products while I was on the Roaccutane and I really believe in them!

So I was given samples of two products Effaclar K and Effaclar Duo to try out! 

So I tried the Effaclar K one first, they advised that I try this first and see how it goes.  Basically it is supposed to improve the skins appearance by unclogging pores.  I used it for a few nights and didn't notice much of an effect!  Perhaps it was a little too gentle for my clogged up skin!

So on Saturday I decided to try the Effaclar Duo - it is described as being Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care.  It is the stronger product. 

Today is Tuesday so I have been using for four days and I really notice the difference.  I know this is a little disgusting but the lumps on my forehead are now starting to come to the top - I can see the pores opening up, they seem to be slightly water filled and not black/white heads.    I am amazed at how quickly this worked bearing in mind that I have only been using a sample size and have not bought the actual product yet! 
Have any of you used this product?
Or have you suffered the lovely little spots I'm trying to explain??


  1. I'm starting to get a bit obsessed with this!Must get it ASAP! xo

  2. I can honestly say that the difference is amazing! Get the sample size girlie,make sure it works for you!

  3. I absolutely love the Effaclar range.

    The K works for me (it cleared up my skin and I haven't had any new blemishes for 2 months and hey, I used tobe quite spotty!) and the Duo I use as an occasional treatment. I call it my 'deep treatment'. Ha.


  4. @Miss A - Its brill, do you use anything else from the range?? I try not to over do the skincare and stick to what i find works. Must try one of their exfoliants :)

  5. I've used their cleanser too.
    But actually, I'm doing a skincare challenge at the moment so haven't used LRP for a few weeks (except the K a couple of times a week, at night) BUT I've discovered Avene's Cleanance range that seems to be very similar to Effaclar :)


  6. I might have to test that one out!
    Never heard of it.

  7. is there anything against pimples???and already existing dark spots??Pllleeeeaasse girlfriends i desperately need something!!

  8. Hey Anon - I cant reccomend anything in particulr but I would reccomend that you try La Roche Posay - their products are brilliant and they will have something for you!!!

    Re the dark spots - I dont really know but I did see an add for a Clinique product to help dart spots...I dont know what its like but Clinique is a good brand I think.

    Let me know how it goes :)