Monday, 16 May 2011

Wella SP Shampoo

A new years resolution that actually lasted (and I have only realised this today).  I decided that I would try and use up all the half open products I had.....what used to happen was that I would be using a shampoo or shower gel and then I would buy a new one, get all excited about it and use it straight away without using up the first one.......a lifetime of this has left me with many many half bottles of stuff!!  Now I must admit that I am excellent at throwing out products that are open beyond their shelf life.......but the half bottles seem to last forever!
At the weekend I was delighted that I had used up all my half bottles of I could use a brand new one!! Woohoo.  This brought me to the Wella SP Repair Shampoo.....I actually won this earlier in the year and I think it actually retails at about €17. 

It is a brilliant shampoo,  it smells so clean and fresh.  As I have said before I use coconut oil in my hair, this can be hard to wash out sometimes however this shampoo washes it out first time.

I would highly recommend it.....The only off putting thing for me is the price!!  Maybe it can be bought cheaper? Does anyone know??

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