Friday, 27 May 2011

Life..........and things I like

I thought I would do a little blog more about life and things I like rather than here it goes!

Lately I have spend ALOT of time researching interior design as we are renovating our future home at the moment!  I thought I would show you a few pictures of things I like so far......

I love this picture....I love the white cleanness of this room....although it might not be very practical...but there are elements of it that are perfect, I could imagine myself curled up on this chair in front of the fire and blogging away till my hearts content!!
I also love this pic, I love the mix of fabrics as I don't like interiors to be too matchy matchy!   I love loads of mismatched cushions...I think it adds character!
Love all the above - however looking back I think there is a theme!!!!  I just wonder how practical all the light colours would be....with my farmer boyfriend :)

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