Monday, 30 May 2011

Moving is hard work!
Im moving house and boy is it hard work.....Have moved sooo many loads of stuff (where did I get so much stuff) and my poor little car probably feels like the one in the pic above at this stage. 

However one good thing is that it is a great opportunity to get rid of things Im not using...some for the car boot sale, some for the bin and some for just giving to an aunt of mine who loves all my leftovers...handbags etc!! I really have to stop buying until I use what I have!! 

I have been very good since Christmas...when I made it my business to start using up all of my products, shower gels, shampoos etc.........So I didnt have too much of that stuff to bring home!!

Cant wait to get it all organised into its new home!


  1. oh sweet christ i am having flash backs to my move last year, i thought i had done a great clear out until i unpacked and found that i still had three black bags full of crap that could be thrown out, not one bit envious of your move, but good luck!x

    Won't let me log in properly

  2. Deefu - Im not the only one having problems with the bloggger then!!

    I usually love cleaning and organising and de clluttering but this just aint fun , nearly done thou! TG