Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thanks ....

I just wanted to write a little post to say thanks to all my followers and readers!  I started this blog last month as I found myself with a little spare time on my hands!

I have really enjoyed it so far, however I don't find reading my own blog interesting but I love the interaction with other people from all over the world!  Its a lovely way to meet new people from the comfort of your own home, and you can share interests, bargains, special offers and much much more.   

I have so many things that I want to blog about, when I get the time and every time I read other blogs my wish list gets longer and longer!

I love make up but don't want to put up pics of myself just yet! A little shy perhaps ... but I guess I also like the anonymity of it all!  So ill stick to NOTD pics for the time being.

Thanks again for reading, leave a comment say hello......don't be shy!! x


  1. hehe, I know how you feel about the list of things to blog about growing ever longer.

    Am a little nervous myself but I'm planning doing some Face of the Day posts soon, I just have to take some pics I actually like, ha.

  2. Ill be keeping an eye out.... I think its all about flattering lighting!! :)

  3. Hey darling! About the FOTD posts, it's about the lighting but also finding a pose that suits you (that includes the infamous pouting :D), for example, I like taking mine from above, and photographing down, I think that always turns out flattering for me!

    So give it a go, and take some (c.50 :D) shots hehe, and when you're comfortable, just go with the flow, and see where that takes you!!!

    Keep up the good work :D!!! xoxo

  4. Yes!! I agree with ArtDonatella, it's what you're most comfortable doing. Can't wait to see some FOTD's from you!!

  5. @ArtDonatella - Yes your right about having a camera looking down on everyday life thats the general pose I use! Im not too bad at that but ill get some going soon! Will try any way!

    @Sophies Law - Thanks for the encouragement, it will be a while away yet, but ill give it a go!